💻 I love weird programming quirks

In perl, you can increment strings.

$a = "a"; $a++; print $a; #results in 'b'

OK, a little weird, but simple enough. But:

$a = "z"; $a++; print $a; #results in 'aa'
$a = "ç"; $a++; print $a; #results in 1

Hmm. Not unicode safe…

$a = "14"; $a++; print $a; #results in 15
$a = "14 bucks"; $a++; print $a; #results in 15
$a = "fourteen"; $a++; print $a; #results in 'fourteeo'

Uh oh. What about decrements?

$a = "14"; $a--; print $a; #results in 13
$a = "14 bucks"; $a--; print $a; #results in 13
$a = "fourteen"; $a--; print $a; #results in -1

Boom! (Decrementing strings isn’t supported, but at the same time perl tries to be clever with identifying numbers in strings, so you might get the wrong impression.)

EDIT: Oh, and:

$a = "fourteen and change"; $a++; print $a; #results in -1

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