🎉 2012 Recap

This was a big, big year for me. Let’s review:

This spring, I told everyone I was moving to New York City in the summer. I bought the one-way plane ticket before I had a job lined up – before I even got a message back saying “no thanks”.

I went through with it – quit my bookselling job of five years, packed every bit of clothing I could fit into a big suitcase, and flew out to interview for a job in an industry I had no experience in, doing work I had no proof I could perform.

Once here, I both got the job and, though a truly incredible piece of luck, found a place to live because a friend of mine from high school who lived in New York was on the same plane as me, and both offered to let me stay on his couch and knew someone who needed a roommate right away.

I’ve met and reconnected with a bunch of great people here. Nick, Rachel, Meg, Collin, Bill, Josh, Tim, Mandy, Nathan, thanks to all of you.

I love New York, and can foresee staying here for some time.

Goals for next year:

Here’s to you, 2013.